NZRS Carpet Cleaning

Caring for your carpet can add years to its life and improve the environmental health of your premises. With our specialist equipment and techniques NZRS removes dirt and harmful residues to create a healthier environment and ensure your carpet looks great.

Regular professional carpet cleaning helps to remove odours, visible soiling , deep down dirt and allergens from your carpet while enhancing its appearance and extending its life. It also helps maintain a professional and healthy image you can be proud of while improving indoor air quality for healthier homes and workplaces.

NZRS technicians are IICRC certified in carpet cleaning and use professional carpet cleaning equipment for best results.

NZRS technicians have van mounted and portable water extractor machines and encapsulation equipment which are capable of the largest commercial areas to spot cleaning and stain removals around the home.

Talk to NZRS now about a tailored maintenance plan for your carpet.

NZRS Upholstery Cleaning

In any home or office, furniture items play a large role in both functionality and appearance. These items start off looking plush and clean but through wear and tear gradually become soiled with dead skin cells, body oils, food residues, gases, allergens and bacteria. These contaminants detract from the appearance of your furniture, damage the fabric, can be a health hazard and shorten their useful life.

Regular professional cleaning  removes soiling and contaminants and helps your upholstery look great and last longer.

NZRS qualified technicians are skilled and experienced in upholstery construction and materials. They use specialist equipment and cleaning solutions to provide a clean specifically tailored for the upholstery in your home, office, car, boat or plane.