NZRS Fire Restoration

Dealing with fire events requires a quick response to  assess the damage to buildings and contents in what can be a traumatic and stressful situation for property owners. NZRS works with the owners and their insurers to limit the damage to property and possessions.

NZRS work to restore many items rather than throwing them out. The key is to act quickly, with the correct techniques to prevent hidden problems caused by smoke damage.

NZRS has specialist qualified IICRC Fire and Smoke Damage Technicians. This ensures they use the correct techniques to remove smoke and fire residues, so you can be sure the building and salvable contents are properly restored.
NZRS technicians have the expertise to work through a claim with property owners and insurers and provide a thorough clean-up and restoration service to approved international standards. This requires trained restoration technicians who can assess smoke types, structure damage, building and contents items that can be saved and that will require replacement in conjunction with a restoration plan including appropriate cleaning methods.

NZRS Flood Restoration

When a flood occurs the property and contents need to be dried out as soon as possible. A timely response often results in restoration of carpets and contents with no long-term damage effects such as swelling or mould. It helps keep the need for replacements to a minimum. With the right equipment and techniques, it’s possible to prevent secondary damage to property and save items that may otherwise need to be discarded.

In a flooded property that means extracting water and using our specialist drying equipment to remove water from carpets, internal structures and contents to prevent secondary damage.

NZRS technicians  are available when and where you need them. No job is too small from a minor house leak to a flooded commercial premises. We operate a 24-hour response service with qualified technicians on-call nationwide, so you can limit your losses and restore property without delay.