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Floods can happen for a variety of reasons, whether it be due to a naturally occurring weather event or a burst water pipe. Whatever the reason, it is important to act quickly when it comes time to restoring the damage. The sooner the property and contents begin drying out, the more likely everything is to be salvaged.


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How Flood Damage Clean-Up & Repair Works


There are many ways flooding can be caused to a property, such as groundwater flooding, storm flooding, leaky roofs and burst water pipes. It is essential to act quickly in the aftermath of flooded property.

In a flooded property, the main priority is extracting water from the premises. Our qualified IICRC technicians achieve this by using specialist moisture detection, water extraction and drying equipment to remove water from carpets, ceilings, walls, internal structures, and other contents to avoid secondary damage.


Ground Water Flooding Clean-Up

Groundwater flooding occurs when the appearance of water rises to the ground surface away from regular river channels. Groundwater flooding is not necessarily connected directly to rainfall and is usually of longer duration than other causes of flooding.

Groundwater flooding can cause several distressing problems for homeowners and businesses such as structural damage, sewer system back-ups and damage to property.

The most effective way to prevent groundwater entering your property is to implement a drainage or pump system allowing the water to divert away from your business or home.

Roof Flooding and Leak Clean-Up & Restoration


The cause of roof leaks can vary, ageing is the most common cause. Homes with old and ageing roofs can deteriorate resulting in an unnoticeable and unwanted leak.

Storms and wet weather conditions can cause roof tiles, caps, and flashings to become loose, crack and break. Poor ventilation creating condensation can also contribute to a roof leak.

Our professional technicians can resolve your leaking roof. If your roof is constructed from tiles, metal surface or other roofing materials you can trust the team at NZRS to solve your leaking roof problem.

Flood Clean-Up From Burst Pipes


Whilst flooding in the home is often due to unresolved clogs in pipes, burst water cylinders, backed-up sewage pipes and heavy rainfall, the most common cause of flooding is a leak or burst water pipe.

Old age, freezing temperatures and other faults can cause fractures and ruptures to form in water pipes, valves, and other water connections. If a water pipe bursts you may encounter water rising on flooring or flowing down your ceilings and walls in just a few minutes.

When you are dealing with an indoor flood it is most important to take quick, decisive action to mitigate further damage.

If a water pipe has burst and water is leaking inside or outside your house, then find the water main and turn the water off at the main before taking any further action. This will stop any further water flowing though the pipes.

As there will be water in your home it is essential to contact a water and flood restoration company to assist with extracting water and to identify and mitigate further water damage. NZRS act quickly to salvage and restore your flooded property. We carry an IICRC licence.

Flooding  Clean-Up From Storm Damage


Storms can wreak havoc with minimal warning, often causing damage to homes and buildings. During and after the storm, flooding can occur due to the heavy rainfall, tidal surges, and damage caused by wind.

If your property has been damaged by a storm and you notice water where it should not be, it is recommended to contact water remediation professionals to assess and restore the property from the effects of storm related flooding.

Wall Drying After Flooding or Leaks


Water damaged walls caused by storms, flooding, burst pipes or other unforeseen circumstances require immediate attention and drying methods.

Walls and other structural materials need to be dried out in a timely manner to prevent deterioration, warping and mould growth. Mould can form within 24-48 hours after flood damage, so it is essential to act fast.

NZRS use specialised moisture meters, water extraction equipment, commercial grade drying fans and dehumidifiers to prevent further damage and restore the walls to the best possible condition.

Flood & Water Damage to Flooring


In some cases, floor flooding may not seem as concerning as a ceiling flood or water damage to walls, however, floor floods can be disastrous if not evaluated and managed by flood restoration professionals.

A floor flood may appear to be an easy DIY clean-up job depending on the severity of the flood, this is not always the case as the damage can be unseen or invisible to the eye that may result in costly repairs down the track.

The floodwater can be absorbed into the hardwood floor causing the wood to expand leaving permanent damage such as mould or bacteria.

Carpets also absorb the floodwater, often requiring quick water extraction techniques using specialised equipment and lifting the carpet to dry and prevent further damage to the foundation materials below the carpet.

Choose NZRS For Flood Damage Clean-Up & Repairs


At New Zealand Restoration Services, our aim is to restore as many items as possible before throwing things out and organising replacements, which helps to keep costs down. We must act quickly though in order to achieve this. We provide our flood and water damage services to both residential and commercial clients. We have the capacity and equipment to handle large and small floods.

What’s involved in flood damage restoration?


In a flooded property, the main priority is extracting water from the premises. Our qualified technicians achieve this by using specialist drying equipment, which removes water from carpets, internal structures and other contents in order to prevent secondary damage.

Once the water is extracted, other services may be required in order to restore contents. This may include flooded carpet cleanup, upholstery cleaning and restoration services to restore life to the flood damage affected contents.

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Get in touch with us today to begin the process for flood damage repairs. We operate a 24-hour response service with qualified technicians on-call nationwide, so no matter where you are located in New Zealand we will be able to help. Our office is based in Hamilton, however our services are available in Auckland, as well as cities in the south, such as Christchurch, Marlborough and Nelson, even overseas. You can reach us by calling 0800 744 262 or filling out our online enquiry form on our contact page.

A Word From A Happy Client

  • In November 2016, NZRS completed a Meth Decon project in inner City Auckland. The development company enlisted NZRS to clean the apartment, bringing it to acceptable levels for contractors to be able to continue development. PRENDOS contacted NZRS on the 17th of November, the Scope team went on site the next day, provided a quote and successfully completed the work 5 days later. PRENDO’s was able to keep on schedule with his contractors, ensuring that there was no risk to them throughout the development process.

    ‘Excellent outcome, completing the work on time and within budget!’ PRENDOS

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Asbestos Removal

We hold a Class A Asbestos Removal Licence RA 18010004. No job is too big or too small, with the ability to remove all types of asbestos material from all commercial, industrial and residential properties in New Zealand, and the South Pacific.



Water damage can be a complex problem, either through immediate disaster or a gradual leak which has been left untreated over time. With experience and fast response time to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.


Carpet Cleaning

NZRS Technicians use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines and are mobile units, they are able to run hoses through work places on multi-level sites. This enables the technician to clean your carpets faster.



We work with independent Testing Companies throughout New Zealand. Our technicians provide Meth Decontamination Services to over  150+ sites each year. We have a combined specialist’s experience of over 25 years in New Zealand.